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“Discover Why Partnering Up With Us Can Be The Opportunity You have Been Looking For...”

Let me ask you a question...

“What is the difference between a successful business versus a business that is barely being able to break even?”

Look, here's the sad truth, and the real deal...

In order to have a successful online business you need have to have SYSTEMS, and not just any type of systems, your systems have to be well polished.

You need golden systems that when working all they do is bring money to the table.

However, nobody teaches you how to polish these systems, or how to make systems work like clockwork.

As a matter of fact, I’m not here to show you how to do it either...

I’m here to give you my very own systems so you don't have to figure this out by yourself, wasting time, money, and resources, to only find out that what you are trying to do, doesn’t work anymore in today’s market.

If you are already at 6-Figures or more per month... Great! This is still for you, and congratulations by the way, you are among the top 5% of the income earners globally.

It doesn’t matter how you look at this opportunity, whether you are looking at it for the short run, or for the long run, I’m going to make it a no brainer for you.

Before you continue reading...

I URGE you to watch the video above

People are visual, we human beings, learn more, absorb, and understand ideas better when they are represented visually. Watch the video and learn exactly what this is about. You will thank me later, trust me.

Now that you’ve watched the video let’s continue with what I have here for you.

Hey, let’s keep it real from the get go.

Imagine that today, in the present, while you are reading this, you have a successful business model that is pulling in for you multiple 6 and 7 seven figures PER MONTH.

Cool right?

Now imagine that you have the chance to time travel, yes we are doing a little of a sci-fi experiment, but you can only time travel to the past, and only to the day in where you started your business, that same business that “In The Present” is bringing you 6 and 7 seven figures per month.

Now, keep in mind that you will go back in time with the knowledge that you have today! Do you see where we are going with this?

That’s the game changer, being able to not make the same mistakes again is so powerful and surreal...

All the hard work, dedication, sweat, blood, and tears... By going back in time, you will save all the burden that you had to go through when you first started...

Can you imagine the possibilities of something like that?

Great, that’s how you will feel when you start your partnership with me.

From day 1, I will be giving you all my winning assets, all my golden systems, my golden report sheets, my golden emails, my golden campaigns, I can even setup a golden sales team like mine for you!

So, make sure you understand, what kind of possibilities exist with this!

Make sure you are getting what you are reading, because once you get it, you will not look at how you do business the same way again.

Now that I got your attention, let’s get to what I have here for you and your future.

Fair enough?

Alright let’s roll!

ATTENTION – You should never fear anything! Not even the magnitude of success that you can achieve one day, the only thing that you should fear is regret. Regret for not haven’t done this earlier.”

Look, once you start adding more solid streams of income to your life, your lifestyle starts changing.

You start upgrading a lot of material elements that you use on your day to day.

For example, you decide to upgrade your car, maybe a Mercedes-Benz, or a super car.

Then you decide to upgrade the place you live in.

After doing that, you start buying expensive toys and dressing with better clothes.

Don’t start buying things that don’t make your business grow!

You know, treating yourself it’s good and all that, but you must be smart and invest your earnings back into the business...

That’s what I did, that’s what I do, and that’s why I have a business with a predictable 6 to 7 figures per month income.

Listen, I’m going to show you the new house in where I live now... It’s not a house, it’s a mansion...

You see, I could’ve gotten this way earlier...

To get to where I am today, it took me 4 years of hard work and dedication.

Not only that, but I must pat myself on the back for investing back in the business, so later in the future I can enjoy things like this.


“Once you have a successful business generating profits month after month, the way you do business starts changing drastically. You will see life as your daily playground. You will literally start pinching yourself.”

I know this because I will be giving you my entire, completely optimized, business in a box. Remember, all you have to do is open, swipe, and deploy.

Yes, I Want To Partner With You

Here is how it works

It’s all about CREDIBILITY when you are playing in the big leagues.

I don’t want to sound materialistic, but being on a luxurious car, being in the fancy mansion, showing a lavish lifestyle is what attracts other people.

Because people want to have a similar lifestyle. This is key!

Why reinvent the wheel? Don’t try to figure this out, I already did it for you.

What you should do instead is to leverage my credibility.

Me, my team, and my business have a strong and impeccable reputation in the industry and market place.

Whoever you ask about The Millionaire Mastermind and our programs, will tell you nothing but great things about it, and how we exceed expectations.

Just to show you that I’m not making this up, you can look at the testimonials that are in this page.

Furthermore, the mission of the company is: “Our Goal Is Your Success.”

Just to put things clear here... I’m going to brand you in with me, in my mansion which is worth over $5,000,000.00!

It has golden ceilings and golden bathrooms, you will love it.

My neighbor has the biggest house in the country!

So, when you are running your “franchise” business, your credibility will be validated by leveraging mine.

I want to make a big deal out of you, and I mean it. Get ready!

Use the same technology, media, campaigns, ads, videos, that I use.

Yes, this is the main ingredient and factor that can determine whether your business becomes a success or it doesn’t.

You will use the same ads, the same campaigns, the same emails, that I use on my business.

It’s like cloning my business to you, but YOU OWN IT.

That’s why I call this a “franchise” but not technically a franchise, but I think it’s easier for you to understand it, as if it's positioned like something among those lines.

Listen, I’ve spent millions of dollars buying traffic, sending emails, doing copy writing, trying to find out what works best for my business, not to forget all the man-hours put into this... This is PRICELESS.

Nevertheless, I’m giving it to you.

You will learn how to create successful campaigns that your audience will really react to them.

You won’t only learn what works best in the industry, but you will also learn the SKILLS that takes doing this. You can sell your skills to anyone!


My sales team will close the sales for you!

Yes, you read it right, my phone assassins are hungrier than ever, they will handle all the leads that you put them in their calendar.

You see, the point here is to bring qualified prospects to an irresistible offer (which we take care for you, you will always have your business promoting our best-selling programs) and that’s it.

Listen, this is serious, I’m using my reputation on your side to make money.

I have endorsements with legends like Grant Cardone, Les Brown and many other successful Internet Marketers.

So, understand and get this clear, I don’t play with my reputation, I’m seriously giving you what generates success for me and my team.

So, as long as you are bringing highly qualified leads, which we will give you the how-to and resources that I currently use...

If you want me to, I can even build a sales factory for your business.

Just let me know whenever you start growing your “franchise” business, and if you are ready to take the next step, let’s make it happen.

The first step to the kind of freedom that allows you to spend time with your kids, like I do, and to send them to the best schools and stay in the best hotels on vacation is to sort out your cashflow and put in place systems and actions that bring you money in a way that's predictable and scaleable.

If you're ready to take that first step, click the button below.

I will help you decide which path is best for you to take through the fog to get to safety.

Yes, I Want To Partner With You

Spend 2 Private Days One on One With Me At My Mansion...

I’ll Work With You For The Next 12 Months To Build Your Business!

Private 2 Days One on One Day Personally With Me At My Mansion!

This is the crux of the program and what makes it works so well.

We start off by you coming to my home.

We’ll spend the day together going over your business. We’ll spend time finding out what you’re doing such as products, services, advertising, branding, customer service and more. Then we’ll find out what has failed you and what’s working.

Next... I’ll spend the rest of the day outlining a brand new game plan to take your business to where you want to be.

When you leave my home you’ll have exact specifics of what to do, how to do it, and exactly the order in which you must do it.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and it works.

Even after you leave I’ll be giving you unprecedented access to me as outlined below.

Don’t wait on this reserve your spot today!

Yes, I Want To Partner With You

Weekly Q&A webinars with me personally

Every week I make myself available to answer any and all of your questions you have LIVE on a webinar.

You’ll be in the company of other members. So this works two fold.

  1. You get your question answered personally by me.
  2. You get to hear what others are working on and this sparks more creative ideas for you.

I’ve been doing this strategy for 3 years and the results are amazing.

Think about the times in you’ve needed help and advice but didn’t know where to turn.

You don’t have to wait.

Just jump on to this LIVE Q AND A Session and I’ll personally give you the answers you need.

Like I said before, this program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Yes, I Want To Partner With You

LIVE Monthly Marketing Training In Orlando

Every Month we conduct a 2 day live interactive training.

Each Month myself or even one of our members conducts a training on the latest marketing topics and release a new funnel that we will be building together live.

Fortunately enough we have some of the most incredible members who are experts in their own fields and on a wide variety of topics.

You get the best information from some of the top people in the world.

Let’s face it, marketing is fluid and is always changing.

If you don’t stay up to date with the latest strategies and techniques you’ll be left behind.

Let us help you with the information you need to succeed.

Yes, I Want To Partner With You

What you will get if you become a VIP member

Duration: One Year of coaching and support Coach Giani & The Team
Bonus: Sales Team & Rev Share
2 day workshops every month in Orlando Coach Giani & The Team
Entire email sequence
Converting funnels
Converting ads
Setup Tracking
New Funnels and Ads monthly

What are our students saying about us...

*Results may vary from person to person.

Read what others are saying

*Results may vary from person to person.

“The Millionaire Mastermind has provided me the mentors and training that I needed in order to become successful. I tried to learn internet marketing on my own but I was never successful. Their support is amazing, I have access to mentors 24/7 and everytime I get stuck they point in the right direction.”

Edric Zheng

“My life changed the day I joined the Millionaire Mastermind. I look back a year later and I can't thank them enough for all my success, learned skills and contacts provided! Not only we mastered Bing but also learned how to scale it to the next level. We went from newbie to affiliate to super affiliate in record time!”

Rafel Mayol

“I finally found what I had been looking for a long time... Joining The Millionaire Mastermind was the best decision I have ever made in my online career and life. For me, it's not just a Mastermind, it's a family! My online business has skyrocketed because of the coaching, mentorship, training and connections. I absolutely love the LIVE campaign review and optimization webinars daily.”

Armando Rendon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need to have any previous experience with Internet Marketing?+

No, but If you have it, great! And if you don’t, don’t worry! We will make sure that with our methods and strategies (Which you will quickly learn, in 2 days to be precise) you know how to manage and run your Internet Marketing Campaigns and “Franchise” of our business or any business really, these are solid skills to have.

To whom this opportunity suits better?+

You have to be someone that is looking for a powerful source of income added for your economical growth. You know that it takes money to make money. You have to think abundantly.This is the real deal: You are building like a “Franchise” of my business.

Who are we looking to partner with?+

You must be driven, you must have the entrepreneurial mentality, you understand that it takes money to make money. You must believe in yourself, you believe that with the right mentor, the right system, and the right business plan, you can become successful.

Will this opportunity will be always available?+

No, you are pretty much using our very own team, and we can only fulfill to serious entrepreneurs or investors. We focus on making your “Franchise” operable, generating leads, and sales before you even leave the mansion mastermind event.

Do I have to be in presence during the mastermind at the mansion?+

Yes, this is not a course or program, this is an experience that has as its own mission to produce an operable and working “franchise” of our business. However, if for an exceptional reason you can’t attend, we will make sure we end up meeting with you somehow.

Do I have to sale anything?+

Nope, no worries, my sales team will take care of this for you. However, they need to be compensated, so a no brainer deal has been already established, this will help you grow your business faster.

Can I bring my business partner.+

Yes, as long as this person has a function and it’s vital to your business.

What if I can’t make the dates for the next Mansion Mastermind experience?+

No worries, we will make sure we arrange a date that will suit your schedule.

Will I find hidden fees or up-sales?+

Nada! Nope, you will have an operable business, start investing your capital into your “franchise” of our business, and start generating income to continue growing your business.


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