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About Us

Giancarlo Barazza : Founder & CEO

Giancarlo Barraza aka “Coach Giani” is the Founder and President of The Millionaire Mastermind, a results driven affiliate marketing education company with hundreds of successful students from all over the world.

Giani found his true calling of being a coach and educator, channeling his online success into forming The Millionaire Mastermind, a hands-on community with LIVE daily training and a step-by-step system to generate online revenues.

Giani and his team have successfully helped hundreds of students ramp-up from making their first dollar online to thousands a day as affiliate marketers, creating countless success stories.

Rafael Luque : Co-Founder & Coaching Director

From Lima Peru, Rafael Luque decided to pursue his dreams at age 20 moving to Florida in 2011. While starting all over again and attending college for a degree, while having a regular job, Rafael realized that the only way to become financially free and truly independent is to unleash the entrepreneurial side in one.

With an amazing IT background and coaching skills, Rafael started to dive into Internet Marketing where he tried multiple methods in how to make money online while hustling at his college dorm. Then he met Giani, and with him co-founded The Millionaire Mastermind.

Rafael is always at the vanguard and best practices of Internet Marketing methods, being responsible for generating systems that have created multiple 7 figures of revenue for the business to also being a coach and responsible for the success of our students.

Samuel Xiveiro : Marketing Director

From Noia, Spain, Samuel Xiveiro holds a Masters in Engineering and is the Marketing Director at The Millionaire Mastermind.

Samuel crossed 7 Figures in earnings in his first year online as a media buyer and has since played pivotal roles in generating multiple 7-Figures online with Bing, Facebook, Native Ads, Google Ads paid advertising generating thousands of leads and sales online.

A self-taught expert in CPA Marketing, Site Monetization Strategies, eCommerce, and Internet Marketing Coaching, he’s also an international speaker having presented at many different Internet Marketing events and conferences from Orlando, Florida to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

A world traveler proudly having visited the 7 wonders of the world in one year and over 45 countries so far, he continues to inspire students all around the world to ditch their formal education and corporate careers to join him in traveling the world and living the Laptop Lifestyle.